How to get website traffic for free

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog post about the organic website traffic. Hope these tips help you in your way of attracting more visitors to your site. The below steps are proven to work like magic when applied and used consistently, so read on and don’t forget to leave comments or ask questions!

How to increase my website traffic for free?

 1) Content is KING

Create good and quality content regularly. Ideally you would want to blog every day, or  at least twice a week. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent with it! Google likes sites that have fresh content coming in so this is definitely good for your SEO.

2 ) Get Social

Have a minimum of 3 active social media accounts where you will be posting pages from your website regularly. Remember, the more visitors can see that you can meet them on various platforms and that you are consistent with your findings, the more likely they will recommend your site and keep coming back to it as you are positioning yourself as an authority site. This way you decrease your bounce rate and that itself  will lead to more Traffic and conversions.

The three social media accounts you absolutely want to have are : Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Of course depending on the style of website and your niche you also want to add Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and observe your traffic through Google analytics. Great tool for insights about your customer!

3) Search Engines

Make sure you have submitted your website to the search engines such as Google and Bing ( Yahoo) . A lot of people neglect the importance of Bing which covers about 33% of all searches ( that’s already one big crowd ) and you don’t want to be excluded from this FREE traffic opportunity. Once you install Google XML Sitemap as a plugin in WordPress ( if you are using one) then you will need to submit your Sitemap URL link within the Google Webmaster tools, and your website will be Indexed fairly quickly. As for Bing, they tend to be slower at indexing, so you would want to sign into the Bing Webmaster tools and submit the same Sitemap URL as you did yo Google Webmaster. This will usually read:

4) Sign up for Google Alerts

So you want to be ahead of your competition and be the first to spot news and trends about your niche? Check forums and news regularly, but myself I prefer to add Google alerts on few themes that are of my interest and this way I can stay updated, but not only that, I can get new content idea and see what is trending. New exciting content = more TRAFFIC!

5) Get visual

Use visuals for your website, such as photos and videos where appropriate. You can embed someone else YouTube video but it always adds more value if you have your own video to post. Also, only use images that are relevant and make sure to title them correctly. People can also find you through your photos but will be unlikely if they are not correctly names; for example if you are in the fog training niche and you have a picture of dog training collar you want to make sure it says dogtrainingcollar.jpeg instead of random number/letters.

6) Newsletter Time      

Have an option for your visitors to subscribe to the newsletter and make sure you send them something exciting on the theme of your niche and also visually pleasing. No one wants a boring looking newsletter hitting their mailbox!

7) Get creative and generous

Allow yourself to think outside the box! Offer something to your readers such as Free PDF, mini book or a giveaway. Offer your help whenever you can as your visitors and customers will value you for your time and expertise.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have more questions/comments on organic traffic please leave in comments below.


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