What is great about WordPress?

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Chances are that if you reading this post you have already come across WordPress or heard others talking about it. In fact this same website was build on it. So what exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful web software that is used for building websites and blogs. Since its launch in 2003 WordPress has become incredibly popular choice for various businesses to host their websites on. Today it powers more than 70 million websites.

So, lets see what makes the WordPress one of the first choices for creating websites;

1) It’s an open source ,which means that the volunteers are constantly updating it and improving the code to meet the best criteria

2) It’s User friendly, and lets you manage your posts and pages easily

3) It’s flexible with 1000’s of incredible plugins, widgets and themes that are easy to add/remove and that you can use to easily change the whole look of your website if you wish to.

4) It lets you use a simple web based editor without having any knowledge of HTML coding( if you can use the Microsoft Word editor then you can easily use the editor in WordPress

5) There is a good support called WordPress forum where one can ask questions and get support if they feel stuck

6) It is SEO friendly with its clean search engine friendly code

7) Lets you control your own content and import or export your blogs, content if you choose to do so.

If you need help with building a website, feel free to ask in the comments, or for more detailed information send me a direct request through my contact page.

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