There is no denying the impact that social media has on businesses today. It’s a great way to promote your products/ services and reach global audiences.

It’s never been easier to share content like it is now so it’s important to know the best strategy for showcasing your business and attracting valuable followers who will turn into long term customers. Want to start your social media expansion?

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Hong Kong is known as one of the most important  commercial hubs in the whole world. Attending events, fairs and shopping bazaars is a big step forward in getting your business known and growing your potential in the Asian markets.

With a long time experience in events management we can help you pick the right time, season and venue for your event. We have worked with galleries, luxury lifestyle shops, as well as big fairs in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany.

If you are an overseas company or a local brand looking to get more clients in the region and add a valuable brand exposure, we can help you with your strategy and overall planning in order to get the best out of every event!


Having a consistent brand that speaks to your valued customers and engages them is a long term strategy that needs to be handled with all the right online and offline marketing tools.

We are here to help you reach that full brand potential though various means of social media, design, web services and much more. Each client is unique and we take pride in tailoring our proposition to match to your current business needs.

Whether you would like to upgrade your brand and your overall image, or create more exposure with your existing one, we can help you by finding the right tools and implementing them in the most efficient and cost effective manner.



We take pride in creating beautiful and user friendly websites that are SEO optimised and work on any device, be it tablet, smartphone or laptop.

We make sure that they are easy updated and hosted on the most secure platforms so you never have to be worry about your site being down.

We also provide E-commerce solutions for all online sellers. Whether you are an individual looking to start an online business or a retailer, we can help you set up efficiently your online shop. For more info click here.